voestalpine Stahlwelt

The spectacular construction of voestalpine Stahlwelt © voestalpine Stahlwelt The spectacular construction of voestalpine Stahlwelt © voestalpine Stahlwelt

voestalpine Stahlwelt in Linz presents a globally unique adventure world dedicated to steel. Austria's largest industrial site invites you to discover the latest technologies for producing steel. This interactive exhibition uses multimedia to show you what lies behind the Austrian group. The latest technologies and innovative production processes of Linz steel are presented, right through to the finished product. Experience spherical production sounds from the Linz site, the play of light and exhibits to touch.

The construction of voestalpine Stahlwelt itself is also spectacular. The exhibition takes you through a giant crucible, a replica of the one used to produce steel. Oversized chrome balls, hanging from the middle of the building's ceiling, are not only an impressive eye-catcher, but also partially integrated into the exhibition.


Tour of the plant (Werkstour)

After a visit to voestalpine Stahlwelt, you can also experience steel production at first hand on a tour of the plant. Multimedia buses take you directly to the plant premises, to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of steel production. A visit to voestalpine Stahlwelt, sturdy footwear and physical fitness are required to participate in the tour of the plant.

Family tours of voestalpine Stahlwelt in Upper Austria's school holidays

Fancy discovering the Linz steel giant voestalpine in a playful way? That's also not a problem for families (including single parents and grandparents) with children aged 6 to 15. In Upper Austria's school holidays, special guided tours take place. Child-oriented presentations allow young scientists to discover more about steel production.
The children's programme is specially adapted to the age of the young explorers.


MUSEUM of contemporary history

This historical exhibit covering the time period between 1938 and 1945 adequately remembers the forced laborers under the NS regime and Reichswerke Hermann Göring in Linz. The exhibit is dedicated to the forced laborers, whose extremely precarious living and working conditions are in focus. Voestalpine carefully and comprehensively explores the dark history of the beginning years.


Group tours Stahlwelt
voestalpine Stahlwelt organises group tours for 15 or more people. An experienced guide leads the group around the unique exhibition. Afterwards, it is possible to go on a tour of the plant with the group.

Opening hours Stahlwelt
Monday to Saturday 09:00-17:00
Sundays and holidays is closed

Admission Price Stahlwelt
Adults € 8,00
Reduced (Students, civil servants, military servants, seniors, people with the "OÖ Familienkarte") € 6,00
Children to 6 years - free entry
Children older than 6 years € 6,00

Students per person € 2,00
Goup up to 15 people € 6,00

Price Werkstour (Tour of the Plant)
Admission Price per person in combination with with a visit of the voestalpine Stahlwelt € 8,00
Admission Price per person without a visit of the voestalpine Stahlwelt € 16,00
School classes - per person € 2,00
group up to 15 people € 6,00/person Stahlwelt + € 8,00/person Werkstour


Opening hours exhibit of contemporary history 1938-1945

Individual visitor (no registration required):
Friday: 13:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 9:00 - 17:00
Sunday, holiday: closed

Groups (registration required):
Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Sunday, holiday: closed



Contact and Registration
voestalpine Stahlwelt
voestalpine-Straße 4
4020 Linz
Tel. +43 50 304158 900